Lukner Medical Clinic, PLLC

We listen to you and give you comprehensive medical care from a young age to the advanced years.

Dr. Lukner provides the following types of medical care:

  • Precise diagnoses for many symptoms and diseases
  • Guidance, counseling, and preventive care for overall health
  • Life-long comprehensive care and palliative care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • ADHD
    • Bipolar DO
  • Evaluation and treatment of hormone deficiencies and imbalances:
    • Low or High Thyroid Hormone
    • Testosterone and Estrogen replacement
    • BioTe Bioidentical Hormones -- BioTe Medical
    • Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
  • IV Hydration for Dehydration and various electrolyte and other deficiencies.
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy for patients with high hemocrit (thick blood) due to testosterone therapy or hemochromatosis.

New Phases Medical Spa for facials, Botox, Juvederm Filler, and IV Hydration.

Specific areas of Patient Care by Lukner Medical Clinic, PLLC.

  • Dr. Lukner also diagnoses and treats conditions that affect specific external and internal organs
    • heart disease
    • hypertension
    • diabetes
    • obesity
    • cancer
    • rashes
    • infections
    • digestive problems
    • lung disease
    • kidney disease
    • autoimmune diseases
    • joint & back pain causes -- including back and joint steroid injections
  • When appropriate, Dr. Lukner refers to and helps coordinate the care of various medical specialists and surgeons.

Contact Information

Lukner Medical Clinic, PLLC

2545 Perryton Pkwy, Ste. 31

Pampa, TX 79065

phone: 806-329-3050

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